Model Jury - Introduction


   This Manual of Model Civil Jury Instructions has been prepared to help judges communicate effectively with juries. The work includes a system of instructing juries as well as model instructions on a variety of subjects.

   These model instructions must be reviewed carefully before use in a particular case. They are not a substitute for the individual research and drafting that may be required in a particular case, nor are they intended to discourage judges from using their own forms and techniques for instructing juries. While adaptation or tailoring may be necessary to fit a particular case or changing rules of law, the format suggested may be used in most civil cases.

   These instructions reflect the committee's research only through November 1992.

   These model instructions have been reviewed by various members of the federal bench and bar. The committee extends its thanks to those who reviewed and commented on various sections of the book. Particular thanks are extended to Ninth Circuit staff members Dana Merritt, secretary, and Charlotte Chyr, law clerk to the Assistant Circuit Executive, to former Assistant Circuit Executive Joseph Franaszek, who voluntarily assisted the committee after leaving federal employment, and to committee Reporter Deborah Dowd, who served as the committee secretary, grammarian, and proofreader, as well as functioning as a full member of the committee in researching, drafting, and reviewing the instructions and comments in the book.

               Ninth Circuit Jury Committee

               Judge Robert J. Bryan, Chair

               Judge Howard D. McKibben, Chair-designate

               Judge Charles L. Hardy, Past Chair

               Judge Arthur L. Alarcon

               Judge Rudi M. Brewster

               Chief Judge Robert E. Coyle

               Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez

               Judge Philip M. Pro

               Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler

               Judge Roger G. Strand (ex officio)

               Deborah Dowd, Reporter

               David Pimentel, Staff

               Joseph Franaszek, Staff

   The committee wants to keep these model instructions current and accurate. Please send any comments, corrections, or suggestions to the Office of the Circuit Executive, P.O. Box 193846, San Francisco, California 94119-3846.

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